Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Free DailyCandy and Canon Powershot: Be Ready in a Flash Event

Here's a tip.  Sign up for any free DailyCandy event that you can before they fill up.  They rock.  Roofdeck of the Hotel on Rivington, sunset views of the entire city, refreshing cocktails, and tips and tricks for looking your best in a flash, or in other words, when the need to take a selfie arises. It was like this event was designed just for me.  
Me, Stefanie, Patricia, and Christine after a round(s) of drinks and makeovers
 The DailyCandy and Canon PowerShot "Be Ready in a Flash" night consisted of all the necessities needed to look your best for the camera: a hair braiding bar, manicures, makeovers, a camera case decorating station, prizes, raffles, a dj, and drinks.  The event staff were all friendly and engaging, the crowd was in good spirits (we even made a few new friends), and it was the perfect girls night out to help break up the work week a bit. Not bad for a Tuesday night!

Getting to do arts and crafts while drinking a delicious watermelon basil cocktail=perfection.

Having my hair braided at the braid and bun bar
The only criticism I have about this event was that we didn't learn how to actually USE the Canon Powershot.  It would have been nice to practice with some manual settings and find how to take the best sunset shots.  

I just think this is funny. What a horrible photo, no thanks to the iPhone 4S!
 But, when in doubt, I had my trusty TruHDR app plus some Instagram filters to give me the look I was going for.  
Yes, this is a heavily manipulated photo on my iPhone, but atleast I did it in a flash ;)
What are some of your photo tips when you're in a hurry? Any awesome photo apps we should know about?

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