Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Free Spotify Subscription - Gilt Deal - Guest Post by Melanie

Welcome and thanks for joining me again after my hiatus!  In the past few months I've spent most of my spare time training for and running the NYC Marathon.  It's no excuse, but it is the reason I took a little break from writing. Now that the race is over and I am practically bedridden from runner's knee, it is time to blog again.  

To help me get going is Melanie, my childhood friend who loves deals and writing too.  We used to hang and talk free stuff when she lived in NYC, but she (sadly) moved to CA a few months ago.  She recently found a great national Free Spotify Gilt City deal, which I love because anyone in the US can have access to it. And really, what is a better way to connect friends on opposite coasts than a good deal?

Thank you for finding this deal, and for writing this post, Melanie!

Hello World of Alana’s blog readers!!

It’s truly a pleasure guest writing from the west coast!  Having transplanted to San Francisco six months ago, I've experienced a plethora of firsts, such as:

  • Camping
  • Cruising down the 101
  • Cranking

Another (long overdue) first: Spotify Premium.  I snagged a 60-day trial membership and can’t believe I hadn't succumbed sooner to the $9.99/month price point.

That's right, boys & girls, FREE!
Let’s revisit the firsts with rhythmic details:

  • Camping (on a crystal clear lake with my fly best friend while beats drop against a backdrop of constellations)
  • Cruising down the 101 (to motown tunes with the windows wound all the way down)
  • NOT Cranking (but staying up all night to get lucky)

Studies have shown that swinging and/or singing along to songs increases the amount of dopamine in your brain.  I could go on for eons about magical music moments… the word itself originates from “mousa,” Greek for “muse.”  But instead let’s turn to trusty Facebook for evidentiary support.  Because you know it’s real if it’s on Facebook.

Exhibit A: Social media snapshot of music's collaborative capabilities
On that note, a feature I’m a huge fan of is sharing songs via Spotify with Facebook (and for real) friends.  Jim Croce crooned it best, “Every time I tried to tell you the words just came out wrong.  So I’ll have to say I love you in a song.”  So share the love, share your playlists, write a witty ditty about a tune - the world is your auditory oyster.

This Gilt City deal is good from now until December 14 so get it (and drop it) while it’s hot.
*Normally a Spotify Premium account is free for one month.  With this deal, it is free for two months.

Alana and me at our high school reunion over Thanksgiving.  Ten years later,  I think we accessorize better.  But probably because our younger sisters dressed us.

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  1. thanks for the fun foray into blogging, Alana!
    readers - share your favorite holiday tunes : )